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Yaaayy! Welcome To My Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Chidera Stephen, the same as the site’s name –the height of narcissism. I am a creative writer, Youtuber, part-time tourist, and a pencil artist. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I am now a blogger, and this is my first blog. In this place, you can benefit from my knowledge and personal experiences on things. My mind is whirling with ideas to write on, but I will say a little about why I started and what you will see in my blog posts.


If you are here, the chances are that I already urged you to click on my site link and check out the content here. You were probably one of the two people that encouraged me to create a space for conveying many creative thoughts. Better still, you followed my social media handle and saw the whole “starting a blogging thingy” post. Excited much?

Squirms in excitement masked with pressure

sitting and smiling african girlWhat shall I blog about?

I will be real and transparent just as I am on my YouTube channel. I aim to create quality and useful content. Since I have experience with growing healthy black natural hair, I will write a lot about natural hair tips and some tutorials. Also, being newly loc’d- freeform locks, this journey will grow with my blog. My little travel adventure will not go unnoticed, and I will show you the small appealing places you can go to during your leisure time in Ghana and Nigeria. Nevertheless, there is room for opinion and discussions on social issues facing Nigeria and Africa. I will let you into my thoughts and make you see life through my crazy eyes.

I promise it will be fun. Or not?

First Blog postWhy I launched my blog!

My passion for entertaining, informing and viewing life from various perspectives inspired this blog as a person who enjoys interactive conversation and a Youtuber. I decided to use this writing space to present my ideas. Please buckle your seat belts, turn down your TV and stay in touch with life from the other side of the world. Also help share my blog link with your friends and donate to my blog by submitting an article, poem or a story.

I am super glad to meet you on this platform. Remember, I am not an expert, and I would appreciate any suggestions and advice. Feel free to communicate with me- I don’t bite


Let’s cut the long story short; I am only an ordinary African girl trying to paint the world with my broken crayons.

I have a meme addiction, though.

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Be fabulous and breathe! 🌻

See you in my next post …



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Chidera Stephen

Chidera Stephen

I am a free-spirited nomad searching for the meaning of existence in a world scribbled with distractions. Oops! Scratch that, I am amicable, the goofy girl. More like the extrovert you can't get enough of.


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