Lockdown or Quarantine? 13 Tips To Make Your Stay at Home Fun!

By April 22, 2020 14 Comments
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Everyone agrees that the lockdown is for the safety of the population. But we can understand that it’s getting boring. You miss the sunlight.

You take trips to your backyard and stare at the same windowpane every day. Your new clothes are now in your closet, and you feel stuck.

If you’re not careful, the lockdown can give you mild anxiety.

Lockdown is a state of isolation where people are asked to stay indoors for security measures.

While Quarantine is the restriction of movement to help contain the spread of a contagious disease.

You hate both.

*heavy sigh*

What are some ways to make this lockdown extension better? How can you turn the lockdown to a mini vacation? A planner? I’ll tell you how to avoid this pandemic from messing with your precious mind.

But first, are Nigerians even observing this lockdown?

In Lagos mainland, men in my area are in beer parlors gossiping about how this is all a hoax. There’s no coronavirus, and the government is trying to scam us again! (damn the lockdown)

These men are nonchalant humans.

Isn’t it ironic? While a large number of businesses are suffering from the pandemic, individuals are panic buying.

But these men on my streets are mini gods. Untouchable by the coronavirus.

A lot of people keep complaining about being bored at home and how the lockdown might drive them nuts. But you don’t have to be bored in this pandemic.


13 Fun Activities to Liven Your Lockdown Boredom Now!

Urgh, even introverts, are having a hard time with the current lockdown extension. So let’s get some activities to make your blood flow high- no drugs. 

1. Exercise – Build Your Dream Body

What’s your excuse now? No time? Too much work? Well, the lockdown has forced vacation on you. So stop drooling over your crush’s  Instagram pictures and get to work.

Exercising helps relieve your anxiety, make you feel lighter and even smarter. It is suitable for your body and soul. There’s a lot of home workout you can do from the comfort of your corridor. Also, eat clean and cut out junk food.

Squats and lunges are great for your hamstrings and glutes- bum & thighs. For love handles fat, you can do some shoulder press to burn excess fat.

Now the flat tummy secret? planks and crunches.

But wait, let me brag.

I used to lift heavy weights at the gym. I have a picture; it’s quite old. But I gained some ass, that’s the only time in history I had a butt.

Guess what? I can customize a fitness plan for you. Yes! Fitness is another of my numerous talents.

Just send me a DM.

lockdown food to eat

2. Indoor Games – Video, Cards, Chess or Monopoly

Now that you’re at home, why not challenge your cousin to a game? I’m sure he bragged to his friends about how skillful he plays. Better than you.

Make me proud and beat him. You can do it.

Hop on that Xbox now, or ask your siblings to teach you how-to if you’re a learner.

No video games? Or NEPA is just playing with you? It’s cool. You can enjoy the game of monopoly. It’ll help build your analytic mind for the period after the lockdown.

Learning is always fun in a game.

Other games you can enjoy are chess, card games, board games.

If you live alone, you might as well knock on your neighbor’s door. Bribe them with a bottle of their favorite drink then proceed to play a game or two with them.

Let’s not forget the famous “truth or dare.” Here’s a pile of questions to keep you entertained and busy for hours and days.

Truth and dare questions will make you either fall in love or just hate a person.

But hey! I won’t recommend lockdown love.

Not yet.

Ask me why later.


3. Dust Your Resume and Update It

You know that editing your cv is an extreme sport. I mean, it takes a lot of time for the average person.

Resume or CV is your first shot at impressing your potential employer.

Now you’ve got enough time. Add your previous work experiences and your volunteer activities.

No paid work? No problem!

Add the online certification you’ve acquired in the past. Don’t forget those internships you took.

Edit your resume to suit your career field and seek the help of someone with more experience if you feel lost.

Done updating your cv?

Move on to create a portfolio on dribble or Behance. If you’re a creative, here’s a sample of my video editing portfolio.

Remember that recruiters search for relevant skills to the job posting. Don’t forget to use those keywords.


4. Binge-Watch Netflix or HBO Series

Yes! Watching movies is the best part of the stay at home. The downside is the amount of data you’ll need. It’s good to find an affordable data plan first.

Then choose a platform– HBO or Netflix.

Find a conducive corner in your house & grab some popcorn or carrots- I love snacking on carrots.

Lockdown extension = more movies to watch

Voila! You just made a home movie theatre. It’s even better with excellent speakers. Start watching movies online. NO ADS!

lockdown or quarantine activitesHere are some series I’ll recommend if you feel confused. Start with these.

  • Money Heists, Locked Up, Self Made, Okja, Vikings, Game of Thrones,
  • You, Ozark, Parasite, Snowpiercer, Pose, Orange is the New Black, Spartacus, Big Bang Theory,
  • Sherlock, BoJack Horseman, The end of the F**king World, South Park, Orphan Black, Criminal Minds.

Do you love TikTok? Check out these amateur skits!

5. Declutter or Rearrange Your Home

Going to work can be so tiring. Especially doing a 9-5 that’s miles away from your house. So you might forget about rearranging your home.

This lockdown period is the time to donate your old clothes. Burn your rags, clean out your house, and take out the unnecessary items.

Ever heard of minimalism?

Ohh, well, it’s not precisely for poor people. Like the popular stereotype.

Minimalism is the lifestyle that focuses on less items to bring more value.

Therefore, look around you. Whatever is worthless should be taken out of sight. This activity helps push your focus on what’s essential.

In your house & your life.

See, I gave my room a makeover. And I’m proud.


6. Complete a Free Online Course

What if you don’t have any additional certifications? But you’re hungry for more knowledge.

That’s alright.

The lockdown just gave you a vacation.

You can bag certificates in tech, marketing, sales, content, data science, design, and many more.

Platforms like TedEd, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Pluralsight, Google Skill-shop, and Hubspot Academy allow you to register and learn. ALL FOR FREE.

You just don’t learn with these, and you also take quizzes to test your capabilities.

What’s more? You can learn at your pace. A week, a month, or even less. You get to decide.

Hurry up before the lockdown ends.

Go sign up on any of these sites and start learning any course of your choice.

lockdown skincare routine

7. Polish Your Budding Hobbies

Can you guess my hobby? Apart from traveling & advocating human rights. I’ll tell you.

*smiles sheepishly*

I love drawing, and I aim for hyper-realistic art. I know I need to work on it. But I’m also aware that art supplies are pricey.

Now, what’s your hobby? Write it down and use this lockdown period to build on it.

You can cook, bake, dance, sing or mix beats on the garage band app. Learning a new language on the Duolingo app can be fun too. Offline, you can learn hairdressing, tailoring, or any other skill you find intriguing.

You can learn French, Spanish, or Chinese. These languages will make you more mobile. Ease your travel across the seas also.

Although, I wish they had apps for more African languages. Some time ago, I was in Accra, and my twi was average.

Average here means I understand about 40% of the popular Ghanaian Twi language.

*vibrating laughter*


8. Break a Bad Habit or Addiction

Hold on, before you scoff.

You can have a bad habit that you wouldn’t recognize. For instance, I have a terrible habit of underestimating my potentials. I sometimes belittle myself & disregard my achievements & growth.

So yeah? Rings a bell?

Think about any bad habit that might be pulling you back. It can be a fear of rejection or failure; Anything that’s stopping you from progress.

Learn to control it, and curb it.

You’re amazing. I believe in you.

An addiction can be good or bad. If you’re addicted to something positive, always keep it under control.

However, if you find yourself falling into the pit of negativity. Use this lockdown period to break free from the addiction.

Learn to cultivate new habits gradually. Remember, experts, believe it takes 21 days or more of constant & consistent effort to break an old habit.

Give yourself time.


9. New Skincare Routine, Who Dis?

You love getting pampered. The majestic feel of your new face mask on your skin. Those warm bubbles when you get your pedicure.

Yes! Lockdown extension opens that window.

Give yourself an overall self-care routine. From face masks, pedicure, manicure, face steam, and other bodily enhancing stuff.

Always find out your skin type before tweaking your routine. For me, I have oily, acne-prone skin. Here’s my new skincare routine.

My skin could react to almost anything. So I stick to one routine for more extended periods, just to avoid irritation.

You can squeeze in a little yoga. To help your flexibility & endurance levels too.

Enjoy your lockdown in style with home massages & body care routines.

Stay at home Fun things to do

10. Become a Social Butterfly

In our world today, social media is about interaction. Do you have Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Or WhatsApp?

Lockdown period is the right time to connect with your friends and followers online. The majority of them would love to have a conversation with you.

Steal this moment.

A good start can be from those that like your pictures online or leave lovely comments. You can open a conversation with them.

An excellent way to break the ice can be as simple as saying, “hi.”

Slide into your followers’ DM or reply to your DM to avoid them calling you a snob.

That’s the point. Get social online

Move out of your comfort zone and send the first “hi” to that stranger you’re admiring. They could turn into a potential business partner or employer.

What about your crush?

Text them and get to know them better. You could have your wedding after the lockdown. Who knows?.

Just try.


11. Find Your Inner Bookworm

Which do you prefer? Soft copy of books or the hard copy variations?

I love hard copy books. Probably because the smell of fresh reading paper is oddly satisfying.

During this lockdown, you can hop on the book lovers club. From pdf, epub, to ebooks and even hardcover books. The list goes on. Read your favorite genre on romance, adventure, action, or fantasy.

You can read a poem, prose, or drama. It can even be a new interest in philosophy or tech. Lockdown is the time to dig deep and marry your books.

If you enjoy constructive criticism, then you can join Wattpad or Goodreads. Drop your review of a book and connect with the online bookworm community.

Join the debate on if the books are better than the movie version of any story. Feel free to express yourself. You’ll even make new friends there. Meet likeminded people that understand you better.

For PDFs on random topics, you can check pdf drive online. They’re always adding free books on their site.

Enjoy your creative space.

12. Engage in Digital Organization

A lot of people are guilty of this. If you complain about this, you might be mistakenly for someone with OCD.

But, your phone and laptop should also have a type of order to it. Check your laptop. Are the files arranged? Or will a friend get lost if they had to find a specific document?. It saves a lot of hassle to put data in the right folder.

Empty your recycle bin, update your Softwares.

Look at your pictures and delete those screenshots you never used. Organize your music in playlists and according to their genre. Digital organization is all about getting rid of things that we don’t need online.

Also, back up your most important files to your google drive or do an offline backup to another hard drive. But an online backup is safe, although sometimes expensive.


13. Flip Through Your Old Pictures

The memories this act brings back are so thrilling, and it makes for a great family bonding time. You get to tease your younger siblings. Remind them of their cries, first injection, first birthday, and many more.

Flipping through old pictures will make you realize how much you’ve grown. Plan your next trip. 

The changes in life. It reminds you that life is short.

You blink & another year is gone.

So live to the fullest now.

Bonus Point: Make a To-do list of what you’ll enjoy after the lockdown.

However you choose to live during this global pandemic, it can influence your mental health. Remember these 13 fun things to enjoy while staying at home:

  • Exercise; squats, press-ups, lunges, planks & crunches. Start building your dream summer body.
  • Games; chess, board, video game & monopoly. Challenge your siblings to a game.
  • Dust your resume & update it. Make recruiters smile after the lockdown. Add volunteer services you offered.
  • Binge-watch your favorite movies on Netflix or HBO. I’ll recommend Parasite & Okja again. I love them.
  • Declutter or rearrange your home. Take a good look around & eliminate what you don’t need.


  • Complete a free online course on any of the learning platforms I listed. Add to your skills.
  • Polish your budding hobbies. It could be cooking, dancing, art, or anything else. Just have fun.
  • Break a bad habit or addiction. Take this lockdown period as a detox session.
  • Hop on a new skincare routine. Pamper yourself to a deep bath.
  • Be a social butterfly. Find people online with common interests & connect.


  • Find your inner bookworm. Review & critique books online. Also, meet your clan while you’re at it.
  • Engage in the digital organization. Put your files in folders & delete old screenshots.
  • Flip through your old pictures. Make quarantine time a family time. Bond with your relatives.

Still bored? I guess not. Tell me which activities you are hyped to try out in the comment section. Share this post with your friends to help lighten their boredom.

Also, check out new fun videos on my YouTube channel. Say “Hi” to me on Instagram.

Be fabulous and breathe!


See you in my next post …

*Hugs* from your online weirdo

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5 months ago

Not a bad list. I would love to try out some of these things. Thank you.

Clinton I. Sonkeya
Clinton I. Sonkeya
5 months ago

Hahahahaha… I read it all and your blog is amazing. Thank you for the Professional tips 💕

Eromonsele Emmanuel
5 months ago

I’ve been reading a chunk of books recently and working on blog development. I’m also scheduling posts for my social media accounts and these are actually interesting times. But it needs to end soon tho.
Kudos to those alcoholics who have no fear for baba coro.
Great writeup Chidera!

Your crush
Your crush
5 months ago

Wonderful! Inspiring! Intriguing!

Reply to  Chidera Stephen
5 months ago

It’s really nice kudos.

5 months ago

Very useful right up
I’m so doing everything

Geeky Daniel
5 months ago

I agree with you! This a very good time for me to work on my body! Nice list. I’ll bookmark this blog for more interesting personal development reads!


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