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Hello, I’m Chidera!
I’ve always wondered why people are so glued to their TV sets; they end up burning meals. Why scrolling through social media and laughing can make you bump into something. Guessing isn’t a question unless psychology, right? Or purely the power of great copywriting. I still remember those old ads I sang along to when I was young. It was pure, heartfelt, and stuck; I decided to make that same impact.
Growing up in West Africa shaped me. I love to travel, record Youtube content & volunteer with orphanages. My interest in content marketing pushed me to start my YouTube channel, which I’ve built to 26k subscribers. Frankly, working with clients from different parts of the world has shown me how important communicating effectively is. It has allowed me to meet people from other races and absorb a bit of their culture.
I've recently moved to Manchester, United Kingdom for my masters in Salford Business school. An experience which has been full of ups and downs. I'm currently in search of a creative agency or B2C brand within Manchester for my 12 months industrial placement which is part of my MSc Digital Marketing Course. Don't be a stranger, let's grab a coffee and chat!
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When I’m not reading client briefs, I’m feeding my dog watermelon(he loves this) or reciting my weekly personal affirmation.
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Video Editing
Graphic Design
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Digital marketing

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