7 Natural Hair Growth Secrets You Ignore

Afro-textured natural hair can grow long, thick and healthy, don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. But buying expensive natural hair products that drain your pocket without any hair growth is something that almost every natural can relate to. The problem is that most natural hair secrets are ignored or purely underrated. If you keep going to the saloon, but your hair doesn’t get better, all hope is not lost. Below, I’ll give you natural hair secrets that are tested and proven to work. When you follow these tips, you are sure to get results within two weeks.

-Embrace Shrinkage

Natural hair shrinkage is one thing that most naturals try to avoid. The problem is that most people use outrageous methods to straighten their hair, from super-hot combs to texturizers and more. These can damage your hair and even cause hair thinning. However, shrinkage is normal; in fact, it is a sign that your hair is healthy and growing at a reasonable rate. Remember that damaged natural hair can’t shrink after it is stretched. Try banding and low manipulation styles to stretch out your hair.

– Natural Shea butter

Are you wondering why the hair of our grandmothers is so shiny and healthy? The secret is shea butter; this product is nature’s magic to humankind. Shea butter is native to Africa but is shipped worldwide. Most natural hair brands infuse shea butter in their conditioners and styling products. Shea butter contains vitamins that serve as a protective coat to your natural hair strands. Make sure you get the raw shea and not the processed one so that you benefit from its growth retention property.

– Exercising

This is one highly underrated factor for hair growth. Exercising helps keep you in shape, but it also increases blood circulation in your scalp, stimulating hair growth. You don’t even need a gym membership for this; a simple yoga mat and a dumbbell from the comfort of your home are suitable to kickstart that boost. Squeeze in some simple bodyweight movements if you don’t have workout equipment; all that matters is the movement to help flush out toxins via sweating and increase blood flow. Guess what? You don’t need to exercise daily; twice or thrice a week will do the trick.

– Healthy Meals

Remember the saying “garbage in, garbage out?”, that works with hair growth too. Your natural hair needs nutrients to feed off for it to thrive. So cut down on junk food and get some greens, fruits, and proteins. Always aim to get a balanced diet whenever you eat. You can start with portion serving and add your favorite food. Aim for foods high in biotin, vitamin C, E, and A. Bananas, avocados, carrots, and watermelon are great additions to start with.

– Avoid over manipulation

Changing your natural hairstyle weekly might look cool on social media, but you might be doing more harm than good. The temptation of trying every tutorial on YouTube can be so high but remember that less is more for afro-textured hair. Due to the coily nature of this hair type, it is best to avoid over-manipulation because this can lead to hair breakage. Try low-stress styles like buns and twists.

– Read Product labels

No, you don’t need a degree in chemistry. You only need to be familiar with products that make your natural hair feel lifeless and brittle. This way, you can easily avoid them next time you go shopping for hair products. Another thing with reading labels is that it serves as a filter for the bulk of information on the internet. When you know what works for your hair, you can easily repeat that process and see more growth.

– Slow down on hair dyes

It is cool to look great when experimenting with colors, but an excessive dye job will not help your hair thrive. Always space out the hair dyes you get to allow your hair to recover fully. Add a lot of intensive deep conditioning, as this helps keep your hair moisturized and avoids damage.

Growing your natural hair long and healthy is something every afro-textured natural can do, but you need to be consistent to see results. This blog mentions proven methods that work for your natural hair to thrive. Follow the advice, document your journey and watch your hair blossom easily.

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