I write catchy
copy for B2C

Elevate your brand with CHIDERA STEPHEN – Fascinating stories that attract leads

Helping your B2C brand

I help your B2C brand get more revenue with a persuasive copy so you can build other aspects of your business. I cut out the fluff & focus on captivating content that creates conversion. My mission is to enchant your customers with the right purchase & make you proud!

Losing customers is hard

Losing customers is hard, especially when you spend a lot of money on your digital campaigns and acquisitions. The solution? Avoid copy that makes users snore & scroll past your brand. Hire a copywriter who understands the power of words.

Think about it, for every contact you have had with prospects, that’s an opportunity to tell your brand’s story & win a fan for life!

How do you grab this offer? You are here now, so don’t pay for mere texts.
Hire for ...
  • Fascinating stories that attract leads.
  • Branding to distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Success mission for your business.
  • I’m here to do all these for you without being intrusive.

Blog Copy

Email Copy

Website Copy

Social Media

Ad Copy

Radio & TV Copy

Opt for content that others share, not just your workers!

Are you ready for results?

She came up with a unique idea of using a video ad script to help target my audience. She transformed our website with many great suggestions, thereby making us stand out from competitors in our niche. She is patient and available when we need her. I most definitely recommend Chidera’s services!

Prince Tola Agunbiade

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